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The Female Foundation

6-week Rehab & Strength focused series


Current session ends May 9th 

Next session June 3-July 10 

Mon/Wed 7pm 

Cost: $220

What this class covers: 

  • Learning evidence based strategies to best support the female body

  • Connecting to the core & pelvic floor through gentle rehabilitative exercises and progressing each week

  • Rebuilding core and full body strength 

  • Navigating weakness/coordination in the core/pelvic floor i.e. leaking, pressure/heaviness, pelvic organ prolapse, etc. 

Who can participate? 

  • You've had a baby within the last couple years

  • are currently pregnant or hope to be soon 

  • have had a baby ever

  • experience any pelvic floor symptoms like leaking, pressure, heaviness or have pelvic organ prolapse

  • have diastasis recti (separation of the abs, which happens in 100% of pregnancies by 35 weeks) or weakness in the core  

Women's Classes: About

Women's Strength

Women's strength 6-week class

Next session May 13-June 20

**limited spots left!

Mon/Wed & Tues/Thurs 10:15a-11am 

(choose one 2-day a week option)

$100 per month

additional $25 per session for child watch up to 3 children per family 

Classes include a wide variety of strength, conditioning, balance, coordination, breath work, stretching/relaxing, core and pelvic health education, functional movement, and more! We will work towards a stronger, well-functioning body in exercise and daily life activities. 
This class is for you if: 
-the gym setting is intimidating for you 
-you like a slower paced workout
-you wish to workout with only women 
-want a safe place to learn more about strength training specifically for womenneeds  
-frustrated with the results on your current exercise routine 
-needing help with navigating incontinence while running, jumping, sneezing, etc. 
-struggle with tension/tightness in the core, pelvic floor, glutes, jaw, shoulders, etc.

Women's Classes: About
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