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What is levels based fitness?

The Level Method is a fitness tracking system and method of athletic progression. First, each athlete will complete initial baseline assessments. Then, OTL-CF athletes are provided with a clear overview of 15 different categories that measure functional fitness movements, absolute and relative strength and aerobic capacity. In addition, the Level Method includes a ranking framework that is similar to a martial arts belt system.

How can I see the levels?

Located within OTL-CF is a large color coded poster, indicating the categories and levels. This poster is called the “MAP” or method of athletic progression.

In the Level Method app, each athlete receives their own customized report that details their overall fitness level, energy systems, strength and levels category breakdown. This report shows a visual representation of individual strengths and areas of improvement.

Is Level Method for beginners?

The Level Method progression has built in safety rules. These rules are perfect for beginner athletes and those new to functional fitness. New athletes will not do anything they are not ready for and will move as fast or slow as they choose.

We train with a purpose.

After a member obtains their levels, they recieve customized workouts in their daily programming. Using Level Method results and coach guidance, our athletes know exactly what to do in every group exercise class.

Workouts have clear goals and our coaches are there to help answer questions and guide members during the class. The Level Method also allows our coaches to provide more customized feedback on how to address and progress over time.

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